Increase Your Search Engine Presence


Search engine are a class of programs that are used to find particular documents among many others. These programs rely on a word(s) that is then used as the basis for the searches. Computers do not have to necessarily be connected to the internet for you to use a search engine. Your operating system (OS) come with an in built engine that helps you search for documents and file on your computer. In the windows seven OS, you can access the engine by clicking the start button and typing in what you wish to search.

What you were most likely looking for is the web search engine. These are online programs that are used to search for documents, web pages, on the World Wide Web based on the keyword you type in. They are probably the most commonly used tool on the internet. Many of us however do not know that they have been using these search engines ever since they learnt about the internet. This I possibly because you have never referred to them as search engines, instead trade names such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are used.

To use the engine, key in the word you intend on searching and press enter. The program, search engine, sends a spider to fish out the site containing these key words. Google and Yahoo are some of the examples of search engine. By staying at the top of the search engine, anyone can earn huge amount money. The spider itself is a program designed to simply fetch the sites. Another program, an indexer, then rates the relevance of the sites based on how frequently the key word(s) has been used on the site. These pages are then displayed for you.

Search engine gives priority to certain sites that have paid for the privilege to come up first on your searches. If a certain site has been used frequently for a certain key word, it will also appear before other sites. This is why you will notice that certain sites constantly appear on the first page of your search results.

Search engine presence is simply as the name suggests, how well or easily your site will be found by others on the internet. If you own a website you definitely want to increase the amount of traffic flowing into your site every day. Search engine optimization is one of the top businesses in all over the world. There are lots of advantages of this business such as you can do this business by staying home, without spending huge money, you can earn huge amount money and finally, this is constant source of money. One way to achieve this is to have a very high search engine presence.
To achieve this you will have to done the following.

• Have certain key words repeated. For example if your site deals exclusively in selling of second hand cars you should have words on your site that are refer to this. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) writers come in. In this case you will want the words”second hand cars” to be repeated severally on your site. This makes it easier for spiders to spot your sight and hence your search engine presence increases.
• Build links that link people to your site or whichever sight you wish. This can be done by social bookmarking, writing blogs and making press release submissions among other things. When you are building the links take your time and make sure everything is done perfectly. Link building is a takes time, however it ensures you have search engine presence for a much longer time. Think of it as a long term investment.
• If you are willing you could pay a particular web search engine to have your site appear as the first when a certain phrase or word is searched for. This is probably the most effective way of building search engine presence.
Take yourself as an example, whenever you search for something online, do you ever consider the third, fourth or even the fifth pages? You probably don’t! Increase your search engine presence and consequently the flow of traffic to your site.